About Unobtainium Supply

Our History

Unobtainium Supply Co. was founded in 2003 after I broke the wiper stalk off my 308's column switch and learned that the column switch was No Longer Available(NLA). I eventually successfully made a mold to replace the broken part. Other owners learned of my success and began contacting me asking me to make other NLA parts for them. It dawned on me that there was a small business niche for a responsive business supplying very high quality reproductions of NLA Ferrari parts that wasn't being addressed. Since I was nearing retirement age, and because I love the marque, I set out to address this need.

Our Business Philosopy

About that same time, while vacationing in Arizona, we had an interesting chat with a Hopi Katsina carver. He was clearly a craftsman, painstakingly making his own paints from local pigments, searching out local carving materials, and exactly reproducing traditional Katsinas with exquisite workmanship. Yet his prices were lower than many lower quality Katsinas we saw in the area. We asked him why he set his prices so low and he said: "I'm in this for the long run. I'm out to make a living, not a killing."

His simple philosophy struck a chord and I've taken it to heart. I don't want to get rich, just recover my material costs, be fairly compensated for my labor, and help other Ferrari owners who need otherwise unobtainable parts (ie: unobtainium) at an affordable price.

Verell Boaen, Proprietor

Disclaimer: Ferrari is a registered trademark of Ferrari NA and Ferrari S.p.A. Unobtainium Supply Co. has no association with Ferrari S.p.A.