NOTICE: Unobtainium Closures & Delays

Beginning August 2nd, Unobtainium will be closed for about 2 weeks,. Then from August 16th until about September 15th Unobtainium orders for 'on the shelf' items should ship within 2-3 days, and made to order items may take 5 to 9 days. During late September & October orders for 'on the shelf' items should ship promptly, & made to order items may take 1-3 days longer than normal. Business should be back to normal by the end of October.

WHY: I'm having my Clutch leg knee replaced on Aug 2nd & won't be able do much work during my initial recovery . My assistant will do what he can, but he's only available a couple of days/week..

Please plan your orders accordingly.



If you've been desperately searching for a part for your classic or vintage Ferrari and have been hearing "it's no longer available" or "it can't be fixed," you've come to the right place!

Unobtainium Supply Company is dedicated to supplying exact reproductions of parts for classic and vintage Ferraris that are otherwise no longer available.

We also develop improved replacements for parts that have become known as troublesome, and can provide many parts that were part of assemblies and were never separately sold.

In addition, we provide restoration services for parts that are either NLA or have become extremely expensive, including:

We also provide custom tools.

For a complete current list of our products and services, see our catalog.

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Disclaimer: Ferrari is a registered trademark of Ferrari NA and Ferrari S.p.A. Unobtainium Supply Co. has no association with Ferrari S.p.A.